Indie Advent Calendar

Tis the season to be jolly, but sometimes Christmas Shopping can be anything but. Which is why we decided to try and make Christmas shopping festive and fun again by adding a little indie advent calendar instore! 
We decided the best thing to do would be, offer a free gift when someone came in to buy Christmas presents. So incase you didn't manage to make it down to the store in time to get your self a little free gift, or you just want to know more independent Scottish brands, here is the full list of our advent calendar.
Kerrie Aldo - Kerrie makes the most incredible clothing!
Spex Pistols - If you are looking for vintage glasses this is the place to go!
Abandon Ship Apparel - The Dundee based tshirt brand is a firm favourite here at Oh Hello!
Louise Kirby - Another Dundee local, Louise creates accessories and homeware based on local landmarks and cakes!
Sleepy Cat - This cat inspired boutique makes the cutest lil accessories.
HOYFC - meeting all your 'angry feminist' needs, hand over your fairy cakes makes amazing patches and accessories with feminist slogans and sassy quotes.
Spilth Design - If you love knitted accessories you'll love spilth design! Our favourite has to be the knitted boobies!
Hello Katie Bee - Possibly the most unique jewellery we have ever seen. 
Nailed By Nina - This Dundee based nail tech creates the most insane looking nails, some have to be seen to be believed! If you are after show-stopping nails, she's your gal.
Dear Green Coffee - These coffee roasting specialists will have you hooked at the first taste! 
Sugar Storm Clothing - This lovely little indie brand sent one if their lightning bolt necklaces for the advent!
She is Fierce - The only indie magazine you need, printed in Edinburgh it contains pages and pages of interviews and thought-provoking articles.
Abigail King Design - Abigail makes the most beautiful hand embroidered brooches, she also makes custom brooches, like the pink and mint one she made the shop!
Nails By Christina - Based in Edinburgh the nail artist creates amazing hand painted looks.
Isolated Heroes - The Dundee based designer is a sequin lovers dream, perfect for any night on the town.
Gie it Laldy - If you are looking for Scottish slang on a mug then look no further than gie it laldy! They also sell bags and tshirts but the mugs are our fav!
Shop Little Lies - This should be your one stop shop for all rock n roll clothing & homeware.
Lovenstone - Inspired by music this Scottish brand makes stand out tshirts and accessories.
Things By Rosana - If you are after statement earrings then Rosana is your gal!
Dreamland Clothing - If you are looking for comfy retro inspired clothing then look no further than dreamland!
Toasty Type - You may recognise toasty type from our calligraphy workshop! Jen creates the most beautiful bespoke cards & stationery. She's also a dab hand at wedding invites!
I hope you've managed to find some inspiration for your shopping lists for the new year! Merry Christmas. x