She Is Fierce Magazine Issue 3

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An offbeat magazine for femmes who are looking for something a little different from the world.
With a focus on creativity, culture and collaboration, we are dedicated to empowering women with
stories of accomplishment and a massive injection of inspiration.

We work as a collective, publishing the work of creative women. We believe the mainstream media are doing women no favours, and we are here to offer women an alternative to celeb gossip, make-up and mass-produced garb.

Issue 3 - Care/Less. Featuring Rosie and Harriet MBE, a.k.a. Tatty Devine, TOP GIRL Studio, Lucky Dip Club, Aesthetic Laundry, Word-O-Mat, 1 Cuppa 2 Sugars, tutorials, independent shopping, YUM biscuit recipe by the gorgeous Lady Bakewell Park amongst lots and lots more. Resident Artist Kero has done a proper dream job on this baby, your eyes are in for a TREAT!